Complete Auto Glass Services in Dodge City, KS

auto glass

Santa Fe Trail Glass Co. wants to ensure your vehicle is equipped for top performance and safety. We adhere to the highest industry standards to deliver optimal results. Our extensive experience allows us to handle almost any chip, repair or replacement. Contact us today for:

  • Windshield replacement: Whether you’ve been in an accident or a hazard has ruined your view, we can help. We handle windshield replacement in Dodge City, KS for a full range of vehicles, from personal, to commercial, to farm equipment.
  • Windshield repair: Has a tiny pebble just wrecked your day? From slight chips to spreading cracks, we’ve got you covered. Contact us ASAP to repair your windshield before the problem worsens.
  • Auto detailing: Is your vehicle looking worn and dull? One stop at our shop will have it looking glossy and new again. We’ll restore its previous shine and have you back on the road in style.
  • Auto glass/Auto mirrors: Clear mirror views are essential to road safety. Our detailed work ensures your glass offers optimal views. Contact us today for all car window repair in Dodge City, KS.
  • Rock chip repair: A minor chip can easily become a major crack. Save yourself from shattered glass by contacting the glass experts at Santa Fe Glass Co. We specialize in rock chip repairs of all shapes and sizes.
  • Auto window regulator motor: Is your window stuck open or closed? Few things are more frustrating than when something should work at the flick of a switch and instead causes headache and hassle. Our team will repair your window motor for a smooth ride.
  • Heavy equipment glass: Our shop specializes in more than car window repair in Dodge City, KS. We are your local experts for heavy equipment. Don’t get behind in this season’s work. Get in touch with our glass experts today.
  • Home mirrors: Did you experience a mirror mishap? Don’t worry. You won’t have seven years of bad luck. Simply call us to make the needed repairs on your home mirror. We’ll have it looking like new in no time.

Reach the glass experts at Santa Fe Trail Glass Co. today at 620-225-6600. We look forward to making your views pristine!